I have been traveling to Denver frequently and since discovering the messages on the North Security Bridge  Check in I ALWAYS go across the walk and take my time and read and listen to the sounds of the Drums.  I also have seen the messages on various windows.
I was at the airport 6/12 and  got bumped from my flight so returned extra early the following morning.  I spent a lot of time on the Bridge snapping shots of the Einstein messages going across the beams.
I also noticed more messages on the windows than I had noticed before because I was now in Terminal B and usually pass through Terminal A.  I took so many pictures of your work with my phone!
And that is when I discovered the website and have now just enjoyed discovering all of this information!
Thank you for this amazing and inspirational visual arts project.  I would think all airports could use the “good vibrations” for Travelers.  This should become a permanent collection.
Fortunately I have several flights into and out of Denver before August.  Now that I have seen your website I am going to go throughout the airport to see all that you have done.
Thank you for making a positive contribution to our world.
Best Thoughts!  from a fellow Traveler!
Charla Houlik
We had a lay-over in the Denver airport. I enjoyed the quotes and took a photo of the Dr. Seuss quote and sent it to my family as a text illustrating where we were. It was delightfully appropriate as I had read that book to my sons many times. We were on a trip to Alaska in celebration of our 30th anniversary. The quotes made the remaining 5 hour flight go quickly as they sparked a conversation with the guy sitting in our row about good adventure stories we had read. Thanks again. I hope they don’t take them down from the airport!
Vicky Sanner